Program Registration

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Flat Rate
Base commission product specific
Additional terms $10 - SkyStream Android TV Box $10 - Skystream Airmouse Package $15 - SkyStream Cable Cutting Package $5 - Airmouse, Antenna, Power Line Adapter Commission will be paid once the buyer has passed the 30 day return period. A Paypal address must be entered into your Affiliate dashboard in order to be paid. Affiliate Dashboard, Offer & Payment, Payment Settings, Paypal Email.
1. Content must portray SkyStream products in a positive manner and have clear links to (

2. The site should be updated as necessary to reflect current, accurate information about SkyStream products, and contain professional, high quality advice and content. Copyrighted materials (images, photos, logos etc…) must have express permission from the copyright holder, including but not limited to SkyStream.

3. You must follow all moratoriums placed on dates for channel news and releases.

4. Your site should be in operation and receiving visitors within 30 days of applying to the SkyStream Affiliate program.

5. To avoid confusion, we ask that affiliates and not copy or directly mimic the ad copy, or look and feel from

6. Affiliate sites must not contain any explicit, derogatory or offensive content or advertising. We ask that you maintain your site in a professional manner and implement best practices in security and behavior.

7. We ask that you adhere to our trademark policy ( and proper logo/brand guidelines.

8. Affiliate Program participants may not bid on SkyStream brand keywords or, absent express written permission from SkyStream, use the name ‘SkyStream’ or any variations thereof as the website’s URL.